The Mapping Guide

Mapping tutorials for the SCS Game Engine

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The Mapping Guide

This guide hopes to be a comprehensive and openly editable collection of resources for the SCS game engine editor, used by Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.


Introduction guide to the Tutorials


  1. Basic Editor Setup
  2. Creating a basic map
  3. Loading and testing your map
  4. Creating cities and workplaces


  1. Models and Buildings
  2. Decorating Cities
  3. Advanced decoration for rural areas

Advanced Tutorials

  1. Editor backgrounds for custom modules (Part 1) (Part 2)
  2. Adding to the Europe module

Distributing Maps

  1. New module checklist
  2. Europe extension checklist

Would you like to write an article—including or in addition to those proposed above? see below.

Sharing and Contributing


There’s been a number of resources written for the SCS game engine map editor, but it’s been difficult to build upon these efforts due to their lack of license.

The contents of this guide are permissively licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, meaning you’re encouraged to repost the contents of this guide without seeking permission. This includes posting completed guides back to the official SCS software modding wiki. (hint hint)

Attribution is a requirement of the license wherever you redistribute or modify the guide, a link back to the github repo will suffice.


Outside contributions will be paramount to making this guide comprehensive. If you’re experienced with the ETS2/ATS map editors, your assistance in creating these guides would be greatly welcomed! You should contribute in one of the following ways

Errors & Corrections

If you spot typos or factual errors in these guides, but don’t plan on making large contributions, please create an entry in the Issues tab of the Github repo.

Content Contribution

If you wish to write a large contribution to the guide, you’ll need to make a pull request to the Git Repo.

Don’t Panic! the guides are written in easily editable markdown text files. Just grab a copy of Github Desktop and follow This guide to contributing to Git repos. In brief, you need to:

  • Clone the Git repo
  • Make your additions to the guide, and commit them.
  • Make a pull request to have your committed additions accepted

If you’re working on contributions, but need some help using Github Desktop, contact SecretImbecile for assistance.